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Want to extend the capabilities of your TiVo but don't know how?

Steve Jenkin's HowTo  Newbie TiVo modification tutorial
TiVo Modification FAQ  Searchable Frequently Asked Questions on extending TiVo capability
Tivohelp.com  TivoHelp knowledgebase
Extraction  Excellent how-to for extracting video
The TiVo Series 2 CAN NOW be reliably extended. You either need to burn a new ROM, or use a pure software technique called the two kernel monte.

Tivo Forums

Check out the Upgrade Center on the TiVo Community Forum for help or questions on upgrading your tivo with a larger hard disk or Turbonet.

The Deal Database Forums have become more active for tivo modifications than the Tivo Community Forum.

But you can still check out the Underground on The TiVo Community Forum for discussion of extending the capabilities of the TiVo, as well as support for several programs. Authors of many of the most popular programs do make appearances here. (Much more rare these days due to high noise to signal ratio.)

Service Theft is illegal. Video extraction is fair use if it is used for personal viewing. Regardless,

Talk of Service Theft and Program Extraction is banned on the TiVo Community Forum.

The TiVo Community Forum is moderated rather aggressively. Any post that is controversial for a 12 year old is likely to be removed without warning. An up and coming free speech TiVo forum is available at Avalon Court. Please be respectful anywhere you go online, or offline for that matter.  

My Favorite (must have!) TiVo programs

TiVo Control Station - A program that allows control of other programs from the remote or a Network socket connection. With an always on broadband connection to the internet, from your tivo remote your can instantly view sports scores, stock quotes, local weather and radar maps, and much more.

TivoWeb - A Web Server for the TiVo that provides search/show scheduling and much more

Elseed - Caller-ID for the TiVo

Tivovbi - VBI (Closed Captions) for the TiVo

MFS_FTP - Extract/Reinsert Video files to/from your tivo(s) using an ftp client

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